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These Bells and Whistles are the perfect accessories for our Walking Sticks! Bells are a great gadget to have when hiking in the great outdoors as they provide an alert to wildlife of your presence. Whistles are an important safety device to have when exploring and can be useful if you become lost or separated from your party.


Bell sets are a beautiful bronze color. Each Bell set comes with two bells attached to a bronze clasp, and together the bells make a lovely sound! One bell is 1.34" and the other bell is 1". The clasp allows the Bells to be easily attached or removed from the Walking Stick leather strap. Bell sets are sold in packs of 5.


Whistles are black and come with a lanyard and clasp which can be easily attached to the Walking Stick leather strap. When blown the whistle is loud and effective at alerting those around you. Whistles are sold in packs of 5.

Bells & Whistle Accessories for Walking Sticks

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