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Our Walking Sticks will take you from serious mountain treks, to neighborhood strolls, and everything in between! Each solid wood walking stick is waterproof and includes a leather wrist strap, rubber tip, and features its own unique design.


Our Walking Sticks now come in two different heights

Regular sticks are 55" tall and our Youth sized sticks are 47" tall.


**Add a custom Leather Tag for $7.00 each**

Walking Sticks

  • WS-117 - Hardwood walking stick


    WS-120 - Hardwood walking stick, spiral carving, round top, compass


    WS-165 - Hardwood walking stick, thicker criss-cross carved handle, compass


    WS-325 - Fir walking stick, compass


    WS-325F - Flower engraving, Fir walking stick, compass


    WS-337 - Fir walking stick, 3 piece detachable design, black carrying case with clear front


    WS-346 - Hardwood walking stick, natural tree skin design, compass


    WS-348 - Fir walking stick, handle wrapped with paracord twist, double spiral carving


    WS-663 - Hardwood walking stick, root rugged handle


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